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DVD 101

Published 10/19/1999

New computers are coming out with DVD drives built in. Do you need a DVD drive? We'll show you why this new format is great and how you can upgrade your old PC to use this new technology. Originally broadcast in October, 1999. Copyright 1999 Stewart Cheifet Productions.

Audio/Visual sound, color


<p><a href="" ><b>Sony</b></a><br> Bob DeMoulin, Marketing Manager with Sony, shows us the Vaio Digital Studio PC with built in DVD-ROM drive and a Sony external DVD-ROM drive that can be added to an existing PC. <p><a href="" ><b>Panasonic, Computer Components Group</b></a><br> Jeff Saake shows us Panasonic's DVD-RAM drive. The product has received high reviews from numberous PC magazines. It's low cost per megabyte and fast transfer speeds make it a must-have if you depend on high capacity storage.</p> <p><a href="" ><b>How Computers Work</b></a><br> Author, Ron White, gives us a basic explanation of how DVD works and the vast power of its memory capabilities. Ron also demonstrates <a href="" >Microsoft's Encarta</a> and the archive of <a href="" >National Geographic Magazine</a> as products best utilizing the DVD capabilities</p> <p><a href="" ><b>Enterprise DVD</b></a><br> Ron Michaels, better known as "DVD Bob" because he claims to have authored the first-ever DVD-ROM disk, demonstrates three hot DVD products. First is Civilization, a cutting edge music video and what he thinks is the future of DVD products. Next Bob shows us an I-MAX film that has been modified for home viewing with a web component and ROM game. And last, a new 3D game not yet released.</p>


Reviewer: Sir MMPD Radick - - November 8, 2004
Subject: Interesting..
It is interesting an interesting look at DVD's when they first started appearing. :)
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